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Shelter exists to change the country for the better, for millions of people. And we are needed more than ever.

I’ve phrased that as simply as I can, because I think ‘saying what we believe’ is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. This role is all about articulating what we believe, as powerfully and often as we can, so that the whole nation – not just lobbyists, think tanks, or spokespeople – is convinced to reimagine our society as one that protects the right to a safe home.

As it stands, our dysfunctional housing systems create almost limitless failure demand. In turn, these transfer a crushing burden not only onto the individuals and families who suffer as a result, but also on the dedicated, overstretched and underfunded social structures which attempt to mitigate or ease the hardship it causes. Central government, local government, the NHS, schools, charities and related services all shoulder some part of the needless negative consequences of homelessness and bad housing.

We need to shift the national conversation on social housing, rediscovering its radical origins and building a broad coalition of support for a new era of mass affordable housebuilding. With a mandate like that, we can begin to create the safe, high-quality and low-carbon homes we deserve, in the parts of the country where they are most needed.

Polly Neate
It’s a privilege for me to be surrounded by such exceptional colleagues, and with their passion, expertise and tenacity I believe that our objective is entirely achievable. This role needs another best-in-class individual; someone whose outstanding talent and uncompromising sense of vocation will enable them to make the most of a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to reading your application.
Polly Neate
​​​​​​​Chief Executive, Shelter



Our task is to influence a transformation in housing policy, including long-term investment in homes people on low incomes can actually afford – an investment that has been missing for decades, and from all political parties.


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