How we behave

The five Shelter Behaviours demonstrate the attitudes and approaches we take to our work; from how we do things, how we treat each other and expect to be treated both internally and externally. 


They help us to have the culture we need to deliver our ambitious strategy. Each Behaviour comprises 3 descriptors, which are outlined below.

  • by actively collaborating and putting trust in the people we work with
  • by recognising the contribution of others
  • by carefully considering the “how” when taking on new projects and initiatives

  • by not tolerating and actively tackling racism and any other forms of hate and discrimination
  • by creating safe spaces for people to be their authentic self, challenge each other and learn
  • by being compassionate towards the people we work with and prioritising each other’s wellbeing

  • by giving people the tools, they need to make well informed decisions
  • by being accountable for the decisions we make
  • by delegating authority to those closest to the work

  • by participating in change initiatives that deliver our strategy
  • by supporting tough strategic choices
  • by saying no to work that does not serve our purpose

  • by learning from our failures and successes
  • by being reflective and giving and receiving feedback
  • by being proactive and taking initiative



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