Who are we looking for?

As you will have gathered from the other material on this site, this role is one of the most important in the organisation, and you’ll be a close colleague of the Chief Executive.


You will seamlessly integrate a not-for-profit passion for social justice and lasting change with the peerless organisational leadership skills of a blue-chip; there’s little point in being right, if the message doesn’t reach and persuade enough people.

Team leadership in the service of a shared and agreed set of objectives is very important. The style we’re looking for is appreciative, fair, collaborative and focused on framing the problem which is to be solved by all. We don’t want the team to be following in your wake, unsure of the exact destination and hoping that they’re doing the right thing.

While you won’t necessarily be motivated by being out front at every opportunity, you will need to be a confident and assured media performer, able to step up at any notice to amplify the voices that need to be heard.

Your background could be government (national or local), journalism, another charity, policy or even a FTSE350 firm; what’s important to us is that you believe in what we’re doing and can articulate it persuasively in any setting, or across any platform. But the ability to magnify our impact by inspiring and marshalling the collective skills of the team is non-negotiable.


The courage we show is that we always speak truth to power, and we’re not cowed by being the counter-argument; so you must be able to quickly master the brief, present our evidence and know how to make the progressive case in every scenario.


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